Fullback - Thermal Support System

Fullback Thermal Support System. Your home's best defense against the elements.

Four times the "R" value of conventional siding underlayments.
Independent research confirms that improved insulation and energy savings are a top priority with consumers these days. And Fullback delivers. The most commonly used underlayments are only 1/4" thick, don't conform to the shape of the siding, and provide an "R" value of about 1. Fullback provides "R" values up to 4.0 depending on the product and profile of the siding itself. Homeowners report a
20% reduction in energy costs and a more comfortable living environment.


Maintains the look and feel of real wood.
Homeowners select siding to give their homes a freshly-painted, premium wood appearance, but fluctuations in temperature make siding expand and contract. These movements can cause wall lines to sag and seams to open up, giving siding an artificial appearance. Wind can penetrate hollow voids under the siding, lifting and bending it. Fullback fills in the voids completely adding rigidity and strength to resist wind damage.

Superior impact resistance
Conventional hollow sidings can easily crack or break on impact. Fullback Thermal Support protects against hail. wind and misdirected objects.

On its own, siding can absorb an impact of just 60 to 90 psi. Panels with Fullback Thermal Support test from 160 psi to 300 psi.

Discourages the development of mold.
Fullback allows walls to breathe, and will not trap harmful water vapor. Because Fullback does not trap moisture within the wall, it does not support the growth of mold and mildew, can't contribute to wood rot, or create "sick home syndrome." Fullback is biologically inert. Harmful bacteria and other biological material cannot grow on or in Fullback.

Does not support combustion
The modified expanded polystyrene foam used in Fullback is produced with a fire retardant additive that greatly reduces the product's contribution to a fire. In addition,
by filling the air space behind the siding, Fullback eliminates the "chimney effect"
that can contribute to the flammability of other siding systems. When exposed to
an open flame or heat source, the foam simply melts and sags away from the
source of the heat. Fullback does not develop toxic smoke.

What is Fullback Thermal Support?
Fullback Thermal Support is a patented contoured foam system precisely configured to fit the profile of any siding panel. It completely eliminates the problems associated with the void behind conventional hollow sidings.

  • Fullback's outstanding insulating properties can reduce energy bills by as much as 20%.
  • Fullback fills out the profile of any siding, giving it the look and feel of premium wood.
  • Fullback helps siding maintain its original shape through everyday mishaps - and extremes of weather - adding years to its life.
  • Fullback discourages the development of mold within the wall system because it provides a breathable blanket of insulation and will not trap harmful water vapor in the wall.
  • Fullback offers superior noise reduction and eliminates rattling.
  • Fullback is treated with a fire retardant and will not support combustion.
  • Fullback even repels termites and carpenter ants, with Perform Guard, a patented additive made with a nontoxic mineral.
  • Fullback is a green building material. It is manufactured from expanded polystyrene and can be recycled. It contains no ozone-depleting chemicals and substantially reduces heating and cooling requirements, saving valuable natural resources.

Variform - The Confident Choice

Variform - Nottingham

The Confident Feeling of Nottingham
There's nothing else like it-the feeling of knowing that your family is safe and protected by the durable construction of Nottingham vinyl siding. Enjoy the newfound security you feel, in virtually any kind of weather, at any time.

  • .044" Panel Thickness for Maximum Strength
  • Double Staggered Nail Hem Supports a Faster and Superior Installation
  • 5/8" Panel Projection for Premium Rigidity

No Better Siding in the World
You will love the convenience of your new Nottingham vinyl siding. There is no peeling, flaking, or cracking, like with ordinary painted surfaces. In fact, you don't even need to paint it. You'll be pressed to find a lower maintenance solution for your home. It brings a whole new meaning to the word "weekend."

  • Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty . Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Unlike Painted Surfaces, the Solid Color Throughout the Panel Prevents Peeling, Flaking, Checking, or Crazing

Fits Right in with Your Surroundings
No one can resist the deep emboss of Nottingham. This siding creates beautiful shadow lines, with the rich look and feel of rough-sawn wood. In 12 classic colors with a unique low gloss finish, your home blends in with the background, or stands out in the crowd-it's your choice.

  • Available in 12 Classic Colors to Fit Most Styles
  • Deep Emboss Recreates the Feel of Rough-Sawn Wood
  • Low Gloss Finish

Looking for the perfect finishing touch?
A complete line of color accessories (trim, soffit, scallops, and shakes) by Variform adds the perfect finishing touch to any home. Create a unique statement by choosing a contrasting or matching accessory to complete the look of a virtually maintenance-free home.

Designed for life with a warranty for a lifetime.
The durability and natural beauty of Nottingham are backed by the Variform Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.

Variform - Contractor's Choice


From Sea to Shining Sea
From the sea coast to the forest, and everywhere in-between, Contractor's Choice stands up to a variety of weather conditions. The durable panels keep out wind and water, and help keep everything you cherish safe.

  • .040" Panel Thickness Creates Excellent Installed Appearance
  • Solid Combination of Quality and Value
  • Ideal for New Construction or Remodeling

Looks Brand New, Year After Year
With Contractor's Choice, you will not need to paint (or repair your siding) ever again. Whether you are building a new home, or just remodeling, you can look forward to a lifetime of relaxation. We stand by our commitment with a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.

  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Unlike Painted Surfaces, Our Panel has Solid Color Throughout to Prevent
    Peeling, Flaking, Checking, or Crazing
  • Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty

Enjoy the Beauty of your Home
Get ready for the amazing part: your home will look great-forever. We know, a lot of our first-time customers can't believe it either. With our proprietary color holding techniques, the color stays in the siding, minimizing scratches and fading. We think you'll love it, too.

  • Thirteen Standard Colors Fit Any Landscape
  • Low Gloss Finish
  • Attractive Brushed Cedar Woodgrain Texture


Variform - Classic Weave

Maximize Your Home's Ventilation.
Classic Weave Soffit panels promote free air flow, which means your attic is properly ventilated. This also helps reduce summer heat build-up and winter ice formation.

No More Maintenance.
Classic Weave Soffit resists dirt and staining, unlike painted eves that can become soiled and detract from the beauty of your home. An occasional quick spray with your garden hose will help keep Classic Weave Soffit looking natural and spotless year-round.


Painting Will Be A Thing of The Past.
Scraping and repainting overhangs and wooden trim can be a tedious, sometimes hazardous job. With Classic Weave Soffit, you'll never have to worry with painting again. That way, you can spend your free time enjoying yourself.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
Classic Weave Vinyl Soffit is backed by our lifetime transferable warranty. One more example of the peace of mind and quality that accompanies the Variform name.

Classic Weave Soffit Maintains its Durability For Years To Come.
Classic Weave Vinyl Soffit is built to give your home solid protection and care
free beauty, year after year.

These colors will enhance the look and beauty of your home.
Classic Weave Vinyl Soffit is available in Carolina Green, Classic Cream, Dover
White, Georgian Gray, Island Pearl, Natural Almond, Sandy Tan, Savannah Blue, Southern Peach, Brown and Stone Mountain Clay. This makes choosing the right color for your home simple.

Variform - Double-Dutch

Looks new years after installation.
Variform's distinctive Fiery Flow Micro Fusion and Aqua-Temp cooling procedures produce a product that truly passes the test of time. Double Dutch takes on nature's elements beautifully. Rotting, corroding, chipping or peeling will be things of the past. Your home will keep its fresh, neat appearance for generations.

No more painting.
Double Dutch frees you from the chore of painting, and all the expense, mess, and
wasted hours that go along with it. That way, you can relax and enjoy more free time.
Frees you from home maintenance. Being a homeowner is a cinch when you have vinyl siding. It resists dirt and staining on its own. Just spray it once in a while with your garden hose and it will maintain its new appearance.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Double Dutch Vinyl Siding is backed by our lifetime transferable warranty. One more example of the peace of mind and quality that accompanies the Variform name.

An ideal opportunity to increase insulation.
Better insulation means lower energy costs. So when Double Dutch is installed, take advantage of it and improve your home's insulation. Your local contractor can provide recommendations.

A smart investment.
When you have Double Dutch installed, you'll appreciate the savings while you own your home. What's more, you'll really appreciate it when you sell your home. It's a very effective way to increase the value and marketability of your property.

Dutch culture influences these colors.
Double Dutch colors depict the subtle personality of the Dutch people, in Classic Cream, Dover White, Georgian Gray, Island Pearl, Natural Almond, Sandy Tan, Savannah Blue, Stone Mountain Clay and Southern Peach. These colors reflect our dedication to researching different colors and discovering those that will most enhance your home.


The New Standard in Exterior Siding Systems

Your house is more than just an "investment" it's your home ... a very special place. When you invest so much time and money into siding your home, you want to be sure that you've made the right choices. A building is only as strong as the foundation that it's built upon. This is also true with any siding project. To ensure a quality siding installation, "The New Standard" is also today's solid choice...

The average American family of four produces six gallons of water vapor every day!! Where does all that extra moisture go? If moisture is unable to escape, damage to your home is just a matter of time. Unlike many extruded flat foam products and other commonly used underlayments, ThermoWall breathes ...allowing harmful moisture to escape from your home.


The ThermoWall system will give your home more protection from hail, wind, and objects that could potentially damage your new siding. Manufacturers' tests prove that ThermoWall will increase the impact resistance of vinyl siding by more than 300%!! The ThermoWall system will provide a snug, stable foundation and protect your siding investment. Your home will look better because the laps stay closed and the protection goes deep below the surface. Only ThermoWall can make that claim because it's the ONLY contoured underlayment system on the market today fully approved by the major vinyl manufacturers. It's "The New Standard" in underlayments.

Your home is the single most important investment you will make. You will have to live with the home improvement decisions you make today... for years to come. Be sure to make the wise choice the first time. The ThermoWall system will improve the performance and appearance of your siding dramatically!! If you want to add
beauty, durability and energy savings to your home ...the wise choice is also "Today's Solid Choice"!!

The Thermo Wall system provides a system "R" value of up to 3.3 which is over three times the insulation factor of the most commonly used siding underlayments. ThermoWall will significantly reduce air infiltration without trapping harmful water vapor. You will notice a sizable reduction in your energy bills!! ThermoWall will pay for itself by helping you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those energy dollars. Now that's a "new standard" we can all live with, especially in today's financially "Mean and Lean" times.

"Make Today's Solid Choice... Thermo Wall"

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